How to automatically turn off TP Link HS100 after 5 seconds after being turned on


Trying to Google Home enable my garage door by using a smart plug and relay to mimic another wall controller basically. Everytime I turn on the smart plug I need to turn it off after say 5 seconds. TP Link has their Kasa app but does not support/do what I want it to do so trying to find another way to do it… Any help is greatly appreciated!


5 seconds is a little short, you might get some inconsistent results due to latency.

If switch changes to on
   With switch
     Wait 5 seconds
     Turn off
End if


Hi, I’m new here but I am trying to do this right now too and it seems like something that would be easy to do.
This is actually the first piston I’m working on.

I made a piston late last night and it appeared to work but I wanted to make some changes to the devices. I started over today and made a piston for 1 smart HS100 by itself. Again, it appeared to be working when I had it set to 2 minutes. I wanted to play with the timing a little bit, reduced the timing to 30 seconds or less and I haven’t gotten it to work since. My script was the same as above (and I wasn’t sure if I had done something wrong) but confirmed that it’s right in multiple places, today. I switched over to the new ST app and added an automation (it allows you to set up this simple of an automation in the app) but then I get a server error, please try again later when I try to save it. I still don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or???


I just figured it out. Had to decrease the refresh time of each tp link device in webcore to every minute. Everything started working immediately.