How to Find the Sonos URI for TV Source?


I’m trying to find how to set the Sonos source to TV. Apparently you have to choose “Play Track” and then input a specific URL to the TV source, but using the URL mentioned here isn’t working: link

How would I go about finding what the value is for TV source?


EDIT: Ok, I found my “playerId” info from clicking on my Sonos device in IDE. After I substituted that value into the URL from the link above however it still doesn’t work. It just pauses whatever is playing.

I also see that “audioTrackData” value while on TV is “mediaSource”: “Line-in - Home Theater”, however I don’t know how to use this info to trigger/select it in webcore…


never tried this before, I have sonos speakers all around the house but didn’t even know you could do that.

Here is my two cents,

Connect sonos to your TV (bluetooth/optical)
and when needed send speak text from webcore…???


Hmm, I’ll give that a try and report back!

Yea TV as a source only works on certain Sonos speakers I believe - I have the PlayBar which has an ‘optical in’ for a dedicated TV line, and then with additional speakers can be turned into a proper 5.1 surround setup.


Since you have optical, I’m pretty confidant this should work.


Would you mind linking me to the proper method to send ‘speak text’ to the Sonos? I’ve pulled up a bunch of threads about it not working properly or no longer being available, but I can’t seem to find a proper way to do it…


#1 is using the “speak text command”
#2 is using play track.

You can find both under the command when selected sonos…
See the highlights…


Oh you know what, that might be it. I don’t have the ‘speak text’ command for my Sonos, but I think it’s because I don’t have any individual Sonos speakers listed. My speakers are grouped together from the Sonos app as part of the Home Theater Surround setup, so I’m guessing that changes the options available to me in webcore.

I do still have the ‘play track’ command available, but not sure what to use for the “Track URL” if just wanting it to speak text (again just for the purpose of selecting the TV optical input).


Play track is to play mp3 files over a network and/or a website etc.
in my experience speak text is not as reliable as play track.
What I do is, I use one of the text to speak websites to convert sentences to mp3 files, put them on my website and use the URL to play as messages.

Here is an URL i just found for you online, you can test your system with this one,
Use this link for PLAY TRACK

my sonos speakers are in group as well but I still that SPEAK TEXT, maybe it’s the play bar???


Here is that link if you want to test:

This is good background music while reading long posts…
@ike2018, would you mind if I link that mp3 in one of my long tutorial threads?


not at all my friend… I just googled that to help this post…


I always forget about how embedded mp3s work here…
I might pick a different song for each of my “Example pistons”… LOL


yeah i didn’t notice it turned into mp3 player instead of a link… How do you post a link properly?


Um… pardon the dumb question, but are you asking about textual links to a webpage?


I copied and pasted the mp3 link but it looks like just a mp3 player instead of the actual link as you posted.


For a real link to a web page, you can:


On the other hand, to post a link that is not clickable, (like I did with your mp3), then just paste the link, select the line, and press: pic