How to let a motion piston fire once followed by presence changing to present


1) Give a description of the problem
Hey guys. I I’ve a problem where the piston won’t fire when all put together but individually they are fine.
I am new to variables and programming and I cannot seem to have put a proper statement that would fire

off the piston.

2) What is the expected behavior?
So I want to activate my Google relay to welcome me home based on my presence changing from not preset to present followed by garage closing, and only when I open the door and my motion sensor activates will it welcome me.

This is only the start as I am working on the home AI adjusting lighting and other things changing according to individual presence.
It already knows who is walking where and can adjust settings yet I’m baffled that this complex logic is not firing.

3) What is happening/not happening?



Your first if statement does not have any triggers in it. Notice there are not any lightning bolts next to it. Therefore the whole thing wouldn’t trigger.

Try using triggers instead of conditions when setting each/ any of those up. For example if garaged door stays closed for at least 2 minutes would be a trigger.

Not sure if that will fix it but worth a try


Thank you. I thought the arrival of my presence and Motion was a trigger.
Lol. I thought the lightning bolts was a bad thing… Lol
Still learning the webcore ways.
Will try and get back to you


While an old thread, I thought I would add something for folks

I have found problems in webcore in HE (which are also in ST) in regards to followed by.

Inherently followed by is multiple triggers, and in general these triggers need to track the changes to the variables so that the changes type comparisons work.

This was not being done properly…

I have fixed this in the latest webcore on HE.

Followed by not working for simple piston
Followed by (help required, especially the matching method: loose, strict, negated)

Interesting…I have a piston with a “Followed By” that’s worked for years, lol. We’ll see if it still works after your “fix”. :wink: