How to override motion sensor light?


1) Give a description of the problem
When I manually press the switch to on, I want this action to override the motion sensor.
2) What is the expected behavior?
If I press manually turned on the switch, I want this behavior to override the motion sensor and have the light to be on indefinitely until I manually turned it off. Else, the motion sensor will turn on the light when it sense motion and stay on for 2 minutes.
3) What is happening/not happening?
At this point, regardless if I manually turned on the light or not, the light will turned off in 2 minutes.
4) Post a Green Snapshot of the pistonimage
I don’t have one yet. However, before I start developing one, I like to know if there is any existing ones that I can use or modify to meet my needs.

5) Attach any logs (From ST IDE and by turning logging level to Full)
Again, I don’t have one yet. I’m just starting. If are any that already exist, links to them are much appreciated.

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Hi @2Charlie
You can do that with a simple variable…

variable = {lightstatus}

if motion sensor changes to active
if {light status} is true
with lights TURN ON

if motion sensor stays inactive for 2 minutes
if {light status} is true
with lights TURN OFF

If switch turned on
set variable {light status} = false
turn on lights

If switch turned OFF
set variable {light status} = true
turn lights OFF

this is just a draft and it can be written better.
I didn’t want to share my working example because many other things in the piston might be confusing… But if you want I can share it.


Thanks! That’s pretty straight forward. I’ll give it a try and see what happens.


What should I set the initial value of the variable lightstatus to?


Second question, how do I specify “2 minutes” in the if statement? I don’t see that option. All I see is the following:


What do you see (options) when click on "What kind of comparision)


These are the options.

Second question: On the “if switch turned on”, do I need to create a virtual switch? Or is this “switch” referring to the physical light switch I turned on and off?

  • you need to post the piston because these are conditions but we need triggers.
  • I assume your switch is SMART SWITCH on the wall right? not a regular switch.


I apologize for the newbie questions but what do you mean by “post the piston”. Below are the trigger options. Which one should I use for the 2 minutes inactivity?


Okay, I think this is what I need.


Yes exactly…


For the “if switch turned on”, I don’t think the following looks right. The “Kitchen Light” is a physical mart switch on the wall. I do not see the option “turn on” or “Turn Off” under Compare to.


Changes to ON and OFF means TURN ON and TURN OFF
And I don’t think you need PHYSICAL INTERACTION but test it…


What’s the different between “physical interaction” and “Any interaction”? My guess is “Physical interaction” means when I physically press the paddle on the switch to turn on or off. And with “Any interaction” is that it includes both physical and when the switch is turned/off via code or some type of automation.


I never use physical interaction so I don’t know/…
But even for the smart switches on the wall I always use ANY


Okay, so I think I’m done with the script. How do I start testing it? This is my first time using webCore with SmartThings. Do I need to remove my existing Smart Lighting automation rules first?


Yes for sure remove that…

and pls post the picture of your piston just to make sure.
IMPORTANT : Before posting it please clik on the green camera picture and post the safe version of your piston


Okay, here’s my piston. I do not see the lightStatus variable declaration in here but it does show up in the Global variables on the right side.


Line 18
Change that to CHANGES TO ACTIVE so it becomes a trigger. Now it’s a condition.

Line 50
Change that to CHANGES TO OFF so it becomes a trigger. Now it’s a condition.

other than that looks good to me… but you can’t be sure (since I am not a pro coder :smiley:) until you test it…


I agree with Ike. Line 18 & 50 should be triggers as he mentioned…

Other than that, it looks good…

The only other change I would make is to change your global variables to local variables. They are quicker to respond, and motion sensors have a habit of changing very frequently.