How to remove tiles


I have 9 tile pistons, but somehow have 18 tiles, some showing old data from pistons I have deleted

how do I clear these unused old tiles?

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You can send a one time command to Clear the incorrect piston tile numbers.

Here is an example to clear the 6th tile:


Note: After running that line, the dashboard tile may take about 10 seconds to update.


hi, thanks. yes I’ve tried the clear tiles command I ran it on tiles 1-16 but didn’t make any difference . I cant tell what the tile numbers are as they are not shown…


At a quick glance, it looks like almost every other tile is similar…
If this is true, then there is likely (at least) one bad tile in each piston
(either #1 or #2)

Note: UFH controller may have 2 bad tiles… and Shower Lights may have 3 bad tiles…

Also note that a piston can only clean up tiles that were created by the same piston.
(so the one time use command to Clear tiles must be temporarily inserted into each offending piston)

This also means deleted pistons, or pistons moved to another category, or pistons paused will not have any lingering tiles.


ok, thanks for that. ive copied in a clear tile script (to clear tiles 1-16) into all of the pistons for tiles… that seems to have sorted it. thanks. :slight_smile:



Just as a reminder, you don’t need to keep those Clear commands for normal day-to-day use.




just to clarify. to remove an unused tiles, i copied this action into each tile piston… at the start. it then clears ALL the old unused tiles for each piston and set whatever tiles you current use.

just run it once, then remove the code.