How to run a few near-identical pistons with slightly different devices each time


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I’d like to lean the best way to make this piston work, instead of having to do lots of unnecessary duplication please. I suspect this is an easy thing to do, but I’m lacking knowledge

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This piston works just fine…


… but the issue is that I need to run this for a number of times, replacing the target radiator, the target boost switch, and the LED.

Fairly sure there’s a better way than having multiple pistons of a great big long one.

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Just a quick thought. You could use variables and just call your main piston each time, passing the appropriate variables. You could even automate it with an Alexa routine.


Hmm 3 device list variables and iterate? Same number of devices for all three?




Sounds good. Could you show how please? I attempted something with $args and failed miserably :grin:


currenty stuck fast, here… attempting to use array / iterate and convert the top into something that repeats

Note that I used the 'expression] approach for boosts due to device list always being alphabetical, which would go south with arrays.


Do you ALWAYS want to adjust ALL of your radiators at the same time? Or do you want to do them individually and randomly?


it’s the easiest way to check/adjust the status of each of my led’s on a panel.

Piston runs on certain triggers, and just checks the status of all and alters the leds to reflect that.

Each room has a boost and a couple of leds.


No joy on this I’m afraid.


I have been working with this in an attempt to create and access a 3X3 device array. I’m not sure it is possible. OR, I just cannot get the syntax correct to access the device attributes (switch status). Someone here smarter than me may be able to do it. But I could not. I would just iterate as @eibyer has said. I would use temporary device variables. Define your three arrays as you have (LED, rads, boosts). Also define 3 temporary variables as below.
I don’t know the attributes of your devices so that may need modification below.
I have not tested this!

Device Temp_Rad
Device Temp_Boost
Device Temp_LED

For $index = 0 to (NumberOfRadiators - 1) step 1
  Set variable Temp_Rad = arrayItem($index, rads)
  Set variable Temp_Boost = arrayItem($index, boosts)
  Set variable Temp_LED = arrayItem($index, LED)
  If [Temp_Rad : switch] is on
      If [Temp_Boost :switch] is on
          With Temp_LED
            Turn On
            Set color to Red
          With Temp_LED
            Set color to Orange
            Turn On


Thanks for that, I’ve never used arrays. Looks awesome, I appreciate the time =)

At work at the minute, so I’ll give it a crack when I get back. Thanks!



Sorry, tried and fell at the first hurdle. Attempted to set up a for loop but immediately hit an error about $index. Any chance of a piston import code to get me going please? Can’t get my head around some of these functions I haven’t used before - I tend to stick with fairly bog-standard webcore scripts.


This might help see how I use arrays. This piston is a standard piston to handle turning on lights when a sensor is activated. All lights/sensors are defined in the arrays at the start, so if you add more, you just add to the variables.

I wrote this when I was new to webcore, and where if shows the power of webcore, I’m not sure its the best way to go.


I don’t have the devices that you have of course. I set mine up with light switches around my house. But the design is the same. I used a flashing light in my computer room to test. It seems to work.


cheers @Pantheon & @Paul1964 , that looks ace. I’ll take a peek in a bit.

Ideally I need one piston that runs a check (no triggers, seems to be covered by @Pantheon’s above), and another which is fired by triggers.

Bit of a rabbit hole, as always :smiley:


ok, sorry guys, work/kids.

Managed to get this working, and incorporated a few other bits.

Bearing in mind I’m still learning (obviously!), I get the feeling this could be cut shorter.

Any assistance, as always, much appreciated.