How to send random text messages from a list


both will trigger because they both subscribe to the presence event. question is are the presence conditions being evaluated correctly. they should be.


Not sure. Let’s pick this up after Christmas! I am going to be busy the next couple of days. Have a good Christmas!


sure, ping me whenever you want to get back to it.

now that we have permission: :wink:

merry christmas!


Hey, I’m back! So looking at the above piston, I am not sure what the point of the virtual sensor is? When I took it out of the piston for arrival, it seemed to fix the issue of firing when someone left also. This would be because the presence sensor is always on. Then I started to wonder why we need it in either piston? There is nothing telling it to change to “off” so it is always “on”.


welcome back! do you mean piston xpgwi or another piston? which one is the virtual sensor? it seems to only have 3 presence sensors and 1 contact sensor.


This one…


i may be getting old … but this looks almost the same as xpgwi :slight_smile: which one is the virtual sensor?


So what seems to be happening now is that for some reason if someone leaves the house it will then also tell me that Tom is in the house and then the greeting will fire. Except he didn’t leave. This is the Leaving piston…


It might be but I just took a picture of the current one that I am using. The Contact Sensor 1 is the virtual sensor.


Hey @bangali did you figure out if a variable can be used in the Random statement?


didnt see these before since the response did not tag me. here try this one:


i had. posted couple of examples a while back. let me see if i can find one of those … forum search willing :slight_smile:

actually there seems to be one on this thread itself: