How to set variable without 'With Location' block


I’m trying to assign a value to a variable but it keeps putting a 'with - Location ’ section around the ‘do Set Variable’ statement
I want my Piston to look like this:

When I try to add an action to set the variable I have to choose ‘with’ and ‘Location’ as the virtual device as per:

And my pistons all look like this:

what am I doing wrong? Why can’t I add an action that sets a variable to a value, in a single line, without all the ‘with - Location’ stuff around it every time??


That’s just the format of Actions in the editor. Each Action acts on a number of Devices or the Location. Location is really just being a placeholder in this case as the Task doesn’t need it. You may find that if you save it the redundant ‘with’ doesn’t show up on the piston listing.


I think when you hit save it will look like you expect…edit view vs. view view