Hubitat and Custom Driver Command


I’m not able to have WebCore ask for the appropriate parameter for a custom command.
For exemple, I have the following command in a driver:

command “EnterMsg”, [[name:“Message”,type:“STRING”, description:“Message to be sent”]]

And when leveraging a device with that driver in WebCore, I get the following screen:

I certainly can select parameter and choose string, but what do I need to do for Webcore to ask me to enter a string parameter?




So this is not implemented in the UI modules (js code).

If one of the volunteers that works on the UI portion wants to do this, I could work with them if the groovy side code needs changes.

So at this point you need to add the parameters yourself.

Part of this may require HE changes, it is not clear if the HE commands pass everything you listed from the device definition. I see a push of devices that just pass a type. (ie no name or enum lists).

I would not be surprised that this ‘missing definition’ may be part of the reason it is not implemented, as it may come and go depending on the device…

So this is waiting on some volunteer time…