Hubitat Elevation


Posted for your amusement. Does anyone suspect that “brucer” is actually bravanel from Hubitat? Hmmm…


I’m doing that laughing until I cry a little bit thing…


Well that response surely doesn’t match with this one…


Did you try booting it without the USB dongle plugged in? It took me a while but i slowly moved anything i could to RM. I still use WC but only when I have to and am really careful about what i use on it, for example I wouldn’t using any motion detectors on it because you can’t stop these being triggered on the reboot.


Glad to see some activity here. I know it’s probably something so deep in the WebCoRE code it would take a lot of work to figure out what’s breaking the HE hub. My automation life would be so much better if WebCoRE could get properly modified and tested on HE.

I just need to see into the matrix…

And I too am shocked that there’s no watchdog to prevent that from happening…


I know this is not the topic but it kind of is:)))
Is there any possibility to run Webcore locally??? Without Hubitat??


Not on smartthings… you could make the dashboard run locally on a ras-pi (for editing pistons) but the pistons themselves will only run in the ST cloud.


And on Hubitat they run on your hub. There’s no way to get them to run anywhere else because all the info they need is in the hub. Your local Pi (if you have one) for Hubitat is just for editing pistons, the same as with ST as Robin points out.


I honestly think it’s the global variables. I saw my hub begin to slowdown and begin to grind to a halt before I pulled them. When any global variable changes, any piston that uses one has to re-evaluate. IF you have 30 pistons, that’s a lot of work at one time. In the cloud, since your processing power is shared, it’s no big deal. But if all you have is your hub, that’s going to be a HUGE drain on resources. It’s just too much for the hub to handle. Why do you think Rule Machine doesn’t have variables?


Interesting proposition. I didn’t have many.
I wish I had some change to throw at a second experimental hub.
Heck even try to tweak the code if it breaks if I have a hunch. Things would be so much easier.
TBH if Samsung weren’t phasing out groovy I’d switch back until they come out with a stronger hub.


I honestly don’t think a stronger hub would do it, unless you had one with the power of a tower PC. This about the processing power behind the ST servers. If you steal enough for 10 people for a few seconds, would it even notice? That means you would need a hub 10 times as powerful as the current one. I just don’t think it’s ever going to be rectified. I’m still using it until the other functions I need come on board (if ever) but the days of all my automation living in WebCoRE are over. I have over 100 rules in Rule Machine. It’s so hard to keep things straight.


The Hubitat hub is just an Internet TV tuner box re-flashed with new firmware… it was never designed to process this stuff.


I can see now why there was no official integration. However, if you remove some of the most power-hungry aspects I still think the two could play well together. I am still running it and have never had a hub lockup. Just gotta be smart about it.


Interesting reading about some of the experiences folks are having running WC on Hubitat. Personally, I’m having no problems at all; runs better than on ST from my experience. But this is certainly due to not relying on ST’s “scheduler”.

I now have two Hubitat hubs (in different locations) running WC exclusively … I haven’t even loaded the RM app on each of them. Granted, I only have about 30 pistons on each, but they’re all humming along happily :smile:. I finished migrating off of ST last weekend (took me 1 day to do this), at one location where it’s prone to internet outages … had no internet there for a whole week, two weeks ago :angry: Needless to say, ST failed miserably there.


Okay…so, how many global variables are you using for each of these sites? How many of your pistons “call” to other pistons to execute? These are the top two suspects in my book for the problem. You’re a good test case. :slight_smile:


Not using any global variables … most of my pistons where already written when Adrian implemented global variables, and I rarely went back to tweak pistons for the new capabilities as the came online. You could say my pistons (as probably some pistons of the rest of the minions) are a history of webCoRE (and coRE) development, LOL.

I think I have about eight or nine pistons that call other pistons. I know I created four new ones on Hubitat that do this.

For the record, my pistons are fairly straight forward … but I use a ton of variables upfront because it makes the logic easier to follow (for me) in the body of the scripts.


Mine are probably the same (simple), that’s a good way to put it, a history of development lol :slight_smile:


I can still remember I had a skeleton piston with SWITCH-CASE statements ready to go … but those condition statements weren’t in webCoRE yet, LOL …


I have a modified version of webcore for HE that adds pauses if it runs very long.

Is there a git somewhere to put this?