Hubitat Elevation


Posted for your amusement. Does anyone suspect that “brucer” is actually bravanel from Hubitat? Hmmm…


I’m doing that laughing until I cry a little bit thing…


Well that response surely doesn’t match with this one…


Did you try booting it without the USB dongle plugged in? It took me a while but i slowly moved anything i could to RM. I still use WC but only when I have to and am really careful about what i use on it, for example I wouldn’t using any motion detectors on it because you can’t stop these being triggered on the reboot.


Glad to see some activity here. I know it’s probably something so deep in the WebCoRE code it would take a lot of work to figure out what’s breaking the HE hub. My automation life would be so much better if WebCoRE could get properly modified and tested on HE.

I just need to see into the matrix…

And I too am shocked that there’s no watchdog to prevent that from happening…


I know this is not the topic but it kind of is:)))
Is there any possibility to run Webcore locally??? Without Hubitat??


Not on smartthings… you could make the dashboard run locally on a ras-pi (for editing pistons) but the pistons themselves will only run in the ST cloud.