Hubitat Elevation


I’ll create a new category for this thread at some point but just wanted to get this started.

This is the place to discuss webCoRE / Hubitat integration.

Here is a fork of webCoRE that has been tweaked and partially works on Hubitat:

And this one is better (thanks @ajayjohn and @putnamjwp):

WebCoRE without SmartThings

@ady624 stressed recently that webCoRE will remain open source and belongs to the community… however it belongs to the ST community not HE.

Pistons do indeed run locally on Hubitat (everything does) but the dashboard and piston editing runs on servers provided by @ady624, which could indeed be considered a conflict of interest when being used for HE!

If push comes to shove and dashboard access gets restricted to ST, the dashboard source code is in the public domain. Someone far cleverer than me could run it on their own servers locally, or globally for the HE community!


I am confused. I thought the point of open source was that it belonged to everyone. How does this “belong” to the smartThings community?

Maybe “belong” to everyone is a poor choice of words, but hopefully you get my point.


I was talking figuratively… the point is, it was developed for the ST community, and support for other communities was never intended.


I totally agree. Were you around when RM was the go to app on SmartThings?


I still have the source code sitting in my IDE lol


I don’t think it’s RM that is the issue, it’s the interface. Maybe it’ll get an update eventually.


I agree with you here. I keep trying to get things to work in RM, but I struggle with the interface because I am spoiled by the webCoRE interface. I too have just used webCoRE in hubitat for now.


My HE hub still in the box… I’m still procrastinating… maybe later :grin:


I haven’t even ordered one yet … how’s that for procrastinating LOL


LOL, you need to at least get the hub. Hmm, I probably should plug it in tonight and make sure it boots before warranty runs out. I tell you though, if webcore was running natively only it, I wouldn’t be slacking like this.


Yeah, I really should … especially when the price dropped back down again.


I have webCoRE running nicely… very fast and all local!!

Few anoyances like pausing a piston doesn’t work and have to delete pistons via the HE portal, but other than that I’m very happy with it.

So far i haven’t found a device i can’t use either!! It’s usually as simple as changing references to ‘physicalgraph’ to ‘hubitat’.


That’s good to know. Get ready for questions :slight_smile:


Realised I needed to surrender my Hubless Badge lol


Opps… not thinking when I wrote this simple piston… deadly loop!!

But jeeeeeeeez, webCoRE is fast on HE!!!


Do backups work, or green/red snapshots?


yep… bin codes work for backup and restore.


Just imported this bad boy… My Alarm Clock!!

Device handler works. Piston imported well (but didn’t offer the macro to choose devices, not a big deal)… hopefully I’ll get a nice gentle wake up in the morning!


It worked, I had a nice wake up lol… if Hubitat can handle that I’m fairly confident most things will work :smile: