HubV3 Died advise for migration


I was going to ask for advise that when i get a replacement hub and add back my devices, on hw to minimize rework on all my existing pistons. What a PIS, self inflicted when I reorganize my cabinet, I plugged in the 12v (Arlo) power to the HUB and ice versa, now will not work! Arlo OK.

Now it seems that there is nowhere locally or online that has a Hub for sale, either discontinued or ST drooping altogether. I see some V2 hubs on ebay, don’t know what my options are. Anyone in the know that can give me some advise? I am dead in the water.



You may want to contact ST support and ask to try their new migration tool for hub to hub changeovers such as yours. A few users have used it to varying results but haven’t seen anyone report if they used webcore. Once you are able to migrate using their tool, it may require assistance from @ipaterson to get webcore working. At worst, you might need to generate backup codes before and uninstall/reinstall webcore and create your pistons from the backup codes. Again, I don’t know if you will have to go to that extreme. My guess is you will need a webcore minion to assist after using the migration tool from ST support.

Now the fun part … finding a new hub. That is the hard part at the moment. The v2 hubs have been coming back in stock at Amazon off and on at various time so keep an eye open with them. I haven’t seen any mention for the v3 hubs. You will need to check all the major outlets frequently and hope for the best. Hopefully ST will announce a new partner that will sell them at some point but no clue when that will ever happen. They have only announced Aeotec for the EU market and their new products were released this past week.

Good luck and let us know how it works out.


I need to amend my earlier post… the v3 hub was available on Amazon for a brief period last week with expected delivery in December but has since gone unavailable. Keep checking frequently at various merchants as availability may change.

Here are two options you can look into. One is for business but worth a try…


If anyone needs a v2 hub, there is a v2 hub kit available at Amazon…


If you still have access to the webCoRE dashboard, please use the backup feature in the left side menu. Private backup codes should still work on a new hub, but the backup file is the most reliable way to make sure your pistons survive the transfer and it’s a lot easier to restore from a file.

You will also need to recreate any global variables and dashboard settings like location and LIFX, so be sure to keep track of those as well.


Thanks all, Your comments are a helping. . I have found a new hub and is scheduled to arrive next Monday.

@ipaterson, I have backed up my pistons and have to copies of the back up, and I am taking images of each of my 70 pistons for reference on which device assuming is on which piston especially the sequencing of lights.

@jkp, I will contact ST support and see if the backup routine will help with my situation, not sure if have a dead hub makes it more problematic.