Hue bulbs turning on one after another


1) Give a description of the problem
When hue motion sensor detects motion my 9 hue lights in hall way should turn on all at once, but they do not.

2) What is the expected behavior?
When motion is detected turn on all 9 lights in hallway at desired level

3) What is happening/not happening?
The lights turn on one after another in stead of all at once.

Any help is appreciated as this really degrades the WAF.

If this is the wrong place to post this I am sorry.


Post a green snapshot of your piston so we can see. Be sure to use the green camera button to remove any personal information.



I attached snapshot


Hi @Doozer76
Just a little heads up about your turn OFF part: I believe it will not wait 2 minutes and turn off as soon as no motion detected???

This could be signal issue rather than piston design.
I have 6 light bulb on top of the bathroom mirror and yes they do turn ON one after the other but less than half a second a part. I am not not sure how much delay are you talking about?

Just to test I would recommend create a very simple piston:
If simulated swith turns ON
with light bulbs
If simulated swith turns OFF
with light bulbs

see if still delay?


For what it is worth… I often intentionally program tiny pauses between actions.
(100ms pause = 10 commands per second) I find the results are much more reliable.

Imagine you have nine friends over, and ask everyone to leave the house at the same instant. There is bound to be a traffic jam!

In my opinion, the smoothest way is a single file line, one after another.

Another advantage of intentionally programming it this way is you can designate the order they turn on. This can have a really cool looking effect if done right. (left to right or middle to extremes etc.)


Tried with a virtual switch and the result was the same unfortunately.
I will have a look at the wait tomorrow, thanks.


The pauses sounds like a neat way to go from bug to feature. Will surely try that tomorrow as well, thanks


Actually, I found the Hue API post a bit below to be really interesting:

If all 9 lights are in a single group (room) in the Hue app, then using the API is going to turn them all on at the same time, and be much more reliable without the pause between.


is about the extent of it. Two global variables so you can easily re-use in other pistons. Having tested in one piston already, I am seriously considering re-doing quite a few of my pistons than control lights this way. The regular method might leave on 1 of 4 bulbs in the hallway, or turn on 5 of 6 lights in the kitchen. The Hue API call by grouping is simply more reliable.


Doing this through webCoRE is never going to see them all come on at the exact same time. The simple fact is the on commands are sent and processed sequentially by ST. This is just how it works and would be the same for any device/switch, etc.

I’m not familiar with the Hue API posted above but it sounds like a solution. Hue likely has a different implementation.


@milhouse Thanks for pointing me in this direction but this seems a bit to advanced for me unfortunately