HUE lights not working


Hey guys.
My webcore has stopped Working all my hue bulb motion sensing pistons.
I can see on smartthings that motion is detected but webcore does not do its thing.
Any ideas.
This is the log
Can anyone help?


This is the piston


Seems like webcore thinks the lights are already on when they are not.
Is there a fix for this?


As far as I know, the dashboard is not a finished product at this point. I remember seeing it was only 2 or 3 percent coded and there has been no mention of when it will be fully operational. As for the colors you see displayed for the hue lights, I see the same on my dashboard but my hue lights are functioning and are currently turned off. So I would not go by what you see in the dashboard at this point. I believe those colors are only showing those hue lights that are color bulbs.


Try turning off command optimization to force webcore to send the command.


So it was my error guys.
Or more smartthings.
In the piston the ‘day Motion scene’ is a virtual switch within smartthings that then activates a day Motion Scene.
I have a night and evening Motion Scene plus different scenes for different harmony activities and these pistons avoid motion from disturbing my harmony scenes when watching TV or netflix and so on… Anyway… The day Motion Scene virtual switch was stuck in the on position in smartthings despite having a power allowance to virtually immediately switch it back off once it is thrown by webcore… So there you go… Check your virtual switches :joy: