Humidifier Suggestions?


Ok, I live up in North East Pennsylvania and its #@#$! cold outside - and drier than is good in the house (sensors are reporting 15-20%) so I am on the hunt for a large room humidifier (preferably warm mist, but not picky) that either is ‘set and forget’ so I can use ST/WC with an appliance plug or better would be one that has ZWave compatibility built in.

Functional option:
Large room humidifier that I can set the humidity to say 90% and when the power comes on via a plugin module it turns on… use WC to manage the humidity (when sensor says < X% turn on when >Y% turn off. Not having a hellovalota luck finding any that meet this criteria (turning on to last setting for example) and hoping someone else has come across a solution.

I looked around here and the ST forums, seems that Holmes used to have one for WeMo (no longer available on their site)

Eventually I will install a humidifier into my HVAC but that is a project for another tax return …


I would’ve thought that any simple, old analog humidifier should work. Set the controls to what you’d want (low vs. high etc.), then plug into a smart outlet. Then you can use any sensor that registers humidity and WC to set up the piston as you mention above… or did I misunderstand what you’re looking for exactly?


Thats it - havent been able to find an analog one with Warm Mist

Going batsh*t trying to find one - unfortunately everything I am seeing is digital where you need to ‘turn it on’ when it gets power :frowning:


not sure how much you want to spend but I had the same problem. found this on amazon and has been working fine for my similar use case.


@anthonymorris Actually that looks perfect TYVM!


Gotcha! I use one from Target that is compatible with Vicks SteamVapor which is killer for me… really helps me to breathe properly at night:


Thanks … and I was looking at that and similar … the issue is the size of the bedroom its a bit larger than a two car garage and has 14 foot ceilings… thats a lot of cubic feet to handle for the tabletop humidifiers :frowning:

Going to stop by lowes and home depot on the way home to see what I can find otherwise see if Amazonroulette will work :slight_smile:


I would say the Boneca air purifier would be the best alternative instead of this keystone warm mist humidifier for more information check here.