I am impressed!


We are 7 hours away from the time change here, and webCoRE is already preparing for the change! (My icon says 3:16am, but the global variable at the bottom says 4:16am already)


Well done!!


My times are off 1 hour…

How to fix?


Try pause/resume on your pistons


Ummm. For like 30 + pistons? Sounds fun. Not complaining, as love WebCoRE but there has to be a programming solution.


How about going into the webCoRE app and disabling all pistons.
I have never tried it and I don’t know if there is a re-enable all pistons when you have done it.
Just a thought to save going into all individual pistons.


Thanks, I just did them all to play it safe… :slight_smile: Is there any way to program WebCoRE to automatically adjust for the next time change? For the most part, I leave WebCoRE alone and don’t ever have to think about it, which I love.


If there were a variable that tracked the next DST transition, then you could set up a piston to automatically pause and resume pistons a few minutes later.

Unfortunately, getting the time of the next DST transition might be a little painful, but it is definitely possible.