Ikea 5 button remote and light control


1) Give a description of the problem
Hi everyone. Since the tradfri 5 button remote now seems to be integrated into smartthings I wanted to properly program it. However I ran into two obstacles I do not currently know how to solve.

2) What is the expected behaviour?
Basically I want three things to happen:

  1. Pressing the off button turns off all lights in the room (the easy one)

  2. Pressing the next/previous button cycles through a series of different light recipies. If I understand right ST “Scenes” are not integrated so I would have to recreate them, but how would I get the cycling done? My guess is using a counter?

  3. Pressing the dim buttons dims all the lights currently on (so if I have a total of 7 lights, but the currently active light recipe only has 5 activated, only THOSE should dim).

I checked both the example pistons in the wiki, as well as the forum but did not find anything similar done.

Has anyone programmed something like this before?


Hi, I’m not familiar with this remote, I don’t think its available in the UK.

Its not clear if you are looking for advice on integrating the remote, or the coding? It may be worth answering the following to help direct answers.
Is the remote added as a ST device. If so are you using a custom DH?
Can the device be added to webcore. If so what triggers are available from it?


Many way that can be done but I aggree with @Paul1964


Hi Paul

Thanks for getting back.
The device in question is this one:

It didnt work with smartthings for a long time but now has been natively integrated. So my questions above are pure coding related.

Basically for the five buttons there is a “button pushed” and “button held” trigger implemented (although held doesnt seem to work for that big “off” center button, at least in the one I bought).