Inputs to webCoRE Applications


In Groovy it is very easy to collect inputs, and on the smartphone application when loaded you can enter those inputs. Items such as sensors to monitor, lights to control, etc. can easily be changed.

Is there a means to do this in a webCoRE application?


Add a Device Variable and set the Initial Value to Physical device(s). Populating the Device Variable is done through a drop-down that lists all your available devices.
Simply select the one(s) you want to act as inputs. (You can do the same with another Device Variable for the devices you want to control.)
When you get new devices or change your mind on which ones you want to check and/or control, simply update the appropriate Device Variable. You use the same drop-down and can select/deselect devices as you wish.


Will the device variable(s) be prompted for within the Smartthings iOS App?


No. The Device Variable(s) are part of the Define section of the pistons in webCoRE. The possible devices are those that have been added to your SmartThings Hub and made available to the webCoRE Smart App.
By setting a Device Variables in your piston to those devices you want to survey and possibly another to those devices you want to effect, you can easily change the scope of either by changing those variables.
It looks like this: (device PresenceSensors)