[Install Instructions] webCoRE Installation Video



Hey everyone, I’ve been hard at work creating another video!

This one walks new users through the install process from start to finish.

I’ve also included a section for EU users, on how to activate the missing GitHub controls.

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No no no you have to tell them to SMASH that like button lol


I can’t view the video - it tells me I have to log in to a “Google Apps” account (which I already have). I can’t send PMs so I’m hoping this reply will work.


never seen that before… works from my end even when signed out… and showing OK in my youtube creator studio:

And someone else posted a comment saying thanks less than an hour ago. (which really causes peaks in my viewings so please can you all like, subscribe and comment lol)


Could be because I’m from :canada:… Sometimes videos are geo-locked to the originating country. Hard to know. Thanks anyway, I found the instructions on the wiki and got it up and running.

Unfortunately, the ST switch I configured in webCoRE to turn on for 30 seconds every hour decided not to shut off some time during the night, which caused a nice overflow in my basement. I should have put a power monitor shutoff in place, but too late. Fortunately no major damage. This part probably belongs in another thread, but my wife gave up on the solution so not to worry.


Hi @Robin, your video is perfect, but I have a problem.
In my tablet I can´t see the webcore app so I can´t generate the code to acces on my lap!
What I diid wrong? What I need to do??


the code is generated from within the smartthings app, go to the webcore smartapp there and select ‘register a browser’


Thankyou for your time.
In the webcore app on my samsung tablet only shoews this

And in the ST app, the webcore app does not appear to select it


Have you installed webCoRE in the Smartthings online IDE?

Have you then gone into the Smartthings app > marketplace > my apps, and installed webCoRE there?

And then go to automation > smartapps page in the Smartthings app:

Then select register a browser.


Hi and thks for all ypur help.
I did all that was on the video,

But in my ST app on tablet

But is not in my apps section (just blanck page)



This would normally mean you’ve installed the 4 parts of the app into the wrong location shard on the IDE.

Go to locations online, select your home location and then double check if the 4 apps still show under smartapps (in the IDE).


I feel like a complete idiot here but I’m obviously doing something wrong. I was following the steps from the wiki on installation but when I got to step 12 the options shown in the wiki were not there. There was no dashboard, piston, storage, or webCoRe, just some presence sensor thing, which I stupidly executed. Now I cant figure out how to delete that and I still don’t have the four items listed in step 12. In fact, now if I click the update from Repo and webCoRe master I have no options. Is there someone who can explain to me what I’m doing wrong? Right now I feel like I’m too stupid to use webCoRe and will have to just stick with with what ST offers me. But I really want to learn to do this.


If you saw the presence sensor then you were trying to add a new device handler instead of a smart app.

Along the top of the page, click ‘my smartapps’ and then click update from repo.

No need to remove the presence sensor handler… you might want to use it in the future.


I’m having trouble getting webCoRE installed. When adding it under the settings on my smart apps in the ide i get You don’t have access to ady624/webCoRE after i click save on the screen shot below – Do i need to delete CoRE before installing webCoRE? Or is there something else going on here? Thanks!



Normally that error occurs when people get the capitalisation of webCoRE wrong, but in your case it appears correct.

Have you got any empty spaces after each of the 3 entries?


They can both be installed side by side with no issues…
(unless CoRE is trying to turn off a light while webCoRE is trying to turn it on)


No spaces. i disconnected and then re-connected to github and was able to install.


I hate to sound like an idiot, but, I’m receiving this message and I don’t know how to update the SA.

Can someone tell me how to update to the latest?


Assuming you installed with SmartThings github integration:

Go to the ST online IDE
Go to ‘my smartapps’
Click update from repo
click webcore
tick all 4 apps
tick publish
click ok (or it might be submit)


Thank you! That was simple and easy!