[Install Instructions] webCoRE Presence Sensor on your Android (beta)


I have not specifically tried that yet while driving, however, I am at work right now, verified google maps shows my correct location, verified geo-fences again… it still says I’m at home.


Do you have any other locations setup, or just home? Maybe try adding a new location for work, and see if that triggers it?


I’m stuck on step 6. The green button appears, but it does not go away after saving the sensor.
LG G6 (AT&T), Android 7.0


I decided to use IFTTT instead.
I created a virtual switch called VirtualMe. An IFTTT applet detects when my phone connects to my home WiFi and then flips the virtual switch on. Similarly, when I disconnect, IFTTT turns VirtualMe off. WebCoRE then picks up the trigger of the virtual switch to turn on/off lights, etc. This is much more precise than my location, which the SmartThings presence sensor registers when I’m still a block away, usually stuck at a red light. I wouldn’t want my door to automatically unlock (or re-lock) when I’m that far away and, while I could insert a delay, it would only be a guess based on averages. WiFi, on the other hand, doesn’t connect/disconnect until I’m at the edge of my garage, well within comfort range to unlock the door. The virtual switch is persistent, so I can use it for both a presence change trigger as well as a presence condition.


Are there any sample pistons available? I’ve got it all installed, but I’m interested to see samples of all what it can do. I see you can create multiple places so you can have different actions based on arrival/departure etc for different places? Does the presence sensor report as “present” if it’s in any of the setup places? It appears so


I’ve noticed that on my Note 8, it will only update when the phone enters a new new location if it updates at all. When leaving the home, I will not get another location or geofence update until I have arrived at another location and then it will tell me leaving from the previous location and arriving at the new location at the same time even though the locations are miles apart.

If I do not enter another location, it will never change to away.


I have a Note8 and it is working correctly. I think one time it got stuck showing Home but that was a long time ago and only once. I wonder what the differences between our phones can be. My location is on High Accuracy and my carrier is Verizon. I only have one location in my ST/WebCore setup.


I’m on AT&T with High Accuracy on too. The built in ST presence has all but never worked. The webCoRE presence does work better even with the quirks, but not as consistence as my previous S7 or now Pixel 2 XL (8.1).

@rudyinDana, are you running 7.1.1 on your Note 8?


Yes, 7,1,1. I live in SoCal and cell coverage is exceptionally good here with at least 4 overlapping towers.

Also I just checked and my arrival radius is 100 m and departure radius is 500 m,

My gps is scary accurate too.


Works like a dream, thanks.


Still wondering, as Oreo sure is wonky with location services.


Works well, but a huge battery drain. It consumed 4x’s more battery than they night highest app in my list. I had to uninstall.


Not sure if this helps but I’m Oreo 8.1 user and the last time my app reported my location was 11/18/17 :/. I’ve refreshed, checked the seperate webcore instance and restarted it all. Still stuck as being present since that time.


I’m going to redo the install process incase I missed something. Is it safe to click remove webcore on the newly created instance or will that delete the old webcore instance?


I have a poor results with webcore presence sensor when using with “Battery Saving” GPS mode. I came home, but the status is still away claiming I am 0.1 km away from home but outer circle was reached. Inner not :frowning_face:

I see correctly my position on Google maps but no way to refresh it in webcore. Tried reinstalling, clearing the app data, turning GPS off and on, but no luck.

It changes the status only when switching to “High accuracy” mode.

Life360 presence sensor was more reliable for me, but I still want to test this one.

In Google maps timeline I see that I have reached my home at 16.48 while last updates in ST webcore presence are:

  1. at 16.46 about reaching outer circle of Home
  2. and then next one also at 16.46 about exiting outer circle of my wife’s work area, which is about a kilometer close to our house and which I passed by when driving home, a minute before. To be clear outer circles of home and my wife’s work is not overlapping each other but are quite close about 400 meters away.

It looks that event 2 came after 1 even though it should be in reverse and that last update at 16.48 about reaching home was not send and processed at all. What can be a potential reason of some events not being processed?

In life360 the status update was also not updated frequently in ST right away, but it was possible to fix it with refresh piston every minute on one of the presence sensor configuration, making it to load status from life360 server. Is it possible to refresh webcore presence status somehow?



Tested on “Battery Saving” GPS mode today again, and I get even more strange result today.

I see only following in recent tab:

  1. 10:46 Left Mozarta (Home)
  2. 10:46 recieved geofence update for outer circle of Mozarta. Outer geofence Mozarta was just exited.

That is all what I see even though I have returned home about 12:00.
No logs regarding returning back, but what is more interesting, on main tile I see:

  • “Away”
  • 0.00 km from Mozarta (Home)
  • last geofence update 12/29/2017 10:46
  • last location update 12/27/2019 5:34

How can it show 0 km from Mozarta (Home) and haven’t updated the status to Home ?

Btw. i was driving by car.

@ady624 would it be possible to add possibility to refresh location, so I can have a piston to refresh it every 1 minute as I had it in Life360 ?

Could you also explain the pattern how webcore presence works ?
Is it something like that:

  1. webocore app installed on phone, gets a goefence change event from android system
  2. then webcore app sends new coordinates to webcore server
  3. webcore server is matching if new coordinates applies to any of configured circles.
  4. if new coordinates matches, a status is changed.

Questions: what if there is no internet connection and new coordinates cannot be send in point 2) ?
Is the coordinates going to be send when internet is back again ?


Any plans to put the android app on github?


can anyone offer any sample pistons? I’ve never created a piston from from scratch, but can modify to suit my needs. I’m mostly interested in being able to turn things on, or set temperatures if i leave a location. also, is there a way to get the locations i’ve set up to be used by another smartapp like CoRE?


@ady624 i join@ajma 's question.
Can you put android app on github ?


Its already on github. select DH under webcore repo.