[Install Instructions] webCoRE Presence Sensor on your iPhone (beta)


You’re actually missing the outer circle… maybe it’s huge and you need to zoom out?


OK removed that location, re added it. The only problem is I can’t reduce the size of the outer circle to something closer to my home. I reduced the inner circle to about 200 foot and the outer to 250 foot but it won’t save those values. it want something like 600 foot outer circle.


GPS accuracy doesn’t always come in that accurately. So to combat that there is a minimum distance between the two circles is 200 meters.


OK then 200 meters is about 656 feet. I was close with my estimate of my circle.


Indeed you were. Main takeaway is don’t make your circles really small


Yes I can see that. So knowing that I will avoid security related pistons as they will be flawed.


The intention is that you have to enter the inner circle to ‘arrive’ and leave the outer circle to ‘leave’

However in the following example, travelling on the train past my company yard triggers both an arrive and leave event, even though the inner circle does not cover the tracks.

I would expect the occasional error due to GPS accuracy but it’s every time which is a bit odd.


Has anyone figured out how to use the ‘floor’ function of the presence sensor yet?

Mine just says ‘Unknown Floor’


I have the same problem, do to the large distance away from my home, when I leave I get an away, but I make a U-Turn a good 700 foot away and turn toward my home, and then get another away and arrival alert.


All mine reports as well


The only way I can see this working is if a config file was available, and you are able to hard code an elevation of you home first floor. If that is the intention of the OP.


I’m trying to send a PM to @ady624 but it says I’m not allowed. Trying to get an invite for the presence sensor app.


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I am unable to send a PM :frowning: I assume because I’m a new user. I’ll see there is some other places to add value and maybe get my PM shot out in a next few days :slight_smile:


iPhone and Android presence apps not working?

First, to get something out the way, I am not posting here to complain - but instead to find out if my situation is unique or par for the course. And if it is unique, to offer logs, etc to help debug. No way would I complain about free awesome software. :slight_smile:

In any case, I am finding that both my android and my wife’s iphone are very very slow to update presence to Home. I have an arriving radius of 700+m and a departing radius of 1200-1400+m (two numbers as there are two instances [action pistons v tiles], where I configured ‘Home’ a little different I guess). WIth a 500-700m difference between arriving and departing it should not be the issue of them being too close. Experience - about a week on iPhone, and two weeks on Android - this did not just happen once, but is more the operating norm.

While I have not watched it closely, I ‘feel’ like they both have been updating to Away fairly accurately.

I had high expectations with these apps- even in beta. a) Adrian’s work is awesome and b) others in the forums have made comments to that nature - that they are really good.

Are others likewise having issues? Any thoughts or advise to up the success rate?

As I write this, I have been home for almost 30 minutes yet the app still reports away. In fact, the only thing I have seen work is to specially open the webcore app on the phone. But that does not see right?

Thanks for reviewing.



I have also raised this issue as the outer circle may be needed to be a certain size larger, appears others are experiencing issues with this as well.

Is there no way to reduce the outer circle smaller than 200 meters, “at your own risk,” with maybe a warning not a hard limitation.


I have tried adjusting the outer circle, and it won’t save the smaller size.


Yes, it probably because of the 200M limit between the inner (arrival) and outer (departure) geofences.

Although this may be thought of as required, I was trying to explain to the developers that this is not practical in close, city situations.


This limit is there because GPS on your phone is not always accurate enough. While you might view this as a dumb limit imposed by someone not in your situation, I emplore you to search through the forums here and find all the issues of arriving/leaving/arriving/leaving because circles were too small.


So what solution is there for users that need less than a 200M difference between arrival/departure? As it appears several users are experiencing similar issues?

Although I feel this is a big improvement over the standard ST presence sensor, this limitation still makes it not usable in situations.