Installation in loop


I’m in EU. I have been running CoRE for 4 years, installing the code manually from GitHub.
I recently switched to the new ST app, and have some issues because some things does not work in the new ST app.

I found the newest CoRE code (have not updated for a long time), and it then had an installation guide I needed to go through which I tried. I then discovered there is a whole new setup where CoRE now consists of 4 smartapps. So I have now linked GitHub and IDE together, the CoRE SmartApp I had already was “obsolete”, so when I selected that, “publish” and “execute” it looks good. I then installed the other 3 Core apps as well.

But the issue that that every time I start the CoRE smartapp, I get the installlation guide and I have to go through the same setup every time. Something is not right.

So I tthink of removing the currently installed Core SmartApp, and then install it again, BUT I fear if I will loose all of my pistons.

Any idea to fix this loop, and can tell me if I loose pistons if I remove the Core app?

Best Regards Simon

PS: Sorry for the poor choise of Category, I could not find anyone related to install or setup.


Quick observation, that you may already be aware of:

  • CoRE is the older program by Ady
  • webCoRE is the newer (and much more powerful) app by the same dev.

Ady has been working for SmartThings for over a year, so I have not heard anything about the older CoRE having any updates that would make it compatible with SmartThings’ new app. (someone please correct me if I am wrong about this)

My advice would be to install webCoRE, and recreate your logic over in that app instead of CoRE.