Integrating ceiling fans/fireplaces into WebCoRE using Bond bridge


I am participating in the beta program for the local API on the Bond Bridge . With the most recent beta firmware, I can now easily use the “Make Web Request” action within pistons to control my Minka Aire ceiling fans. With almost every ceiling fan going towards RF remotes, integrating these into home automation can be vexing. Bond is trying to solve that with this product. It is still very much in beta, one of my ceiling fans does not work at all, so I am not prepared to recommend buying one at this point. But, support was very responsive even before I started the beta, and the devs have been great to work with during the beta. For example, originally they handled authenticating a web request using a custom HTTP header. This worked great with curl, but will not work at all with WebCoRE. When I described the problem, they added an additional auth method using the body of the PUT request that made integrating with WebCoRE a cinch. I will update once the beta finishes (hopefully with all my fans fully working!).


To get started with the bridge, I created a virtual switch and then created a simple piston tied to that switch to control the light on the ceiling fan:

The ‘your-token-here’ is an auth token you can get from the iOS/Android Bond app to authenticate the API requests. The deviceid is a unique ID assigned by the bridge when you add a fan/fireplace/whatever remote to the bridge. You would need to use ‘curl’ or something similar to find this (this is well documented in the API guide for the bond). I also masked my IP address for obvious reasons. Previously, the only way to integrate Bond with ST/WebCoRE was using IFTTT, which had horrible latency (like 5 seconds after button push). With the new local API, latency is well under a second. I won’t call it instantaneous, but it is very satisfactory.