Internet down for almost 24 hours finally got me to move important devices lol


Just what the title says… no internet in the house got me off my butt and moved some of my lighting to HE. First was the aquarium lights and added the Hue bridge integration. The Hue part was the easiest to integrate. The lighting for my aquarium was a little more work than I expected as my devices were old. I have an older Inovelli dual channel and an Aeon SmartStrip that doesn’t have an updated driver with Parent/Child features.

Time to observe if the local lighting pistons work :slight_smile:


Spent the whole weekend moving stuff over to HE. I have a couple devices left to move then just the minor stuff that only would bother me and not the family.

I definitely need a new lock for the back porch, time to say goodbye to my monoprice lock.