Is CoRE obsolete?


Hi all

Just wanted too know if once you have moved your pistons over to webCoRE wether you still use CoRE? Is there pross/ cons to eather product? Or is it just a case that if you just want something simple then CoRE is great for that, but if you want to be able to do amazing things then webCoRE is where it’s at?


Personally I just moved everything over to webCoRE.
Makes life easier being able to use a PC to build and amend pistons.
Cons. Cannot think of any.
Pros. webCoRE is more powerful in my opinion.


CoRE has been removed for a few months now.

edit: In case my comment was/is unclear. CoRE has been removed from my home automation setup.


Core was wonderful, webcore is 100x what Core was.

I wouldn’t hesitate to fully commit to webcore.


Jump in. Water’s fine. You honestly won’t regret moving to webCoRE.


I have fully committed anyway, but as CoRE was the 1st thing I came across I installed that (even though webCoRE already existed) I’m guessing that others did the same as me. So wanted to know if they come hand in hand or if you can do everything in webCoRE that you can in CoRE. In which case I will be removing the CoRE app :slight_smile:

because indeed

The water is more than fine, it’s like getting into a jacuzzi hot tub :sunglasses:


Certainly and so much more


Most of my pistons from core no longer work. Things have slowly stopped working…I am assuming this a result of no support for this.?

Is there an easy way to migrate the pistons? I have a lot and I really don’t want to have to do it manually.

Thanks for the help!



AFAIK, there’s yet to be a way to import your CoRE pistons into webCoRE. That being said, having walked that road some time ago, I think it’s a good thing since it kinda “forces” us to play around webcore and discover all its features that were not available in core.


There is not, nor will there be a migration tool. Once you click through you will see that it is easy to recreate the pistons and will actually make them better


Thanks for responding.

Easy is subjective. I had today off, so I was trying to find out why most of my core stuff wasn’t working. So I started transferring…I am 8 hours in and have moved less than 1/4 of the pistons that were running. Long ways to go.

So not easy :frowning: but I do appreciate all the work that people put in to tools like this.



wow how many do you have!? You won’t regret it once its done though and you can back them up with webCoRE.


You should be able to condense and group pistons together in ways that were not possible in old core. So before you get too deep I would highly advise taking a broad look at your overall scope and see what could be combined.

Also once the learning curve is overcome then building pistons is definitely a lot easier than it used to be.


that is exactly what I am doing and is part of why it is taking so long.

a lot of the pistons became much more complicated because things stopped working in the old core and I had to try to accommodate.

So, slow going. The new interface is very helpful for seeing what is going on. Certainly a huge improvement.


2 ideas here.

  1. To jump on the piston consolidation - I took 5 pistons to 1 for my thermostat control. Uses all 3 alarm states, outside temperature and doors/windows open/closed. Brilliant

  2. Now that we have done all this wonder work, and have this fantastic code base from @ady624 - are there any real plans for business continuity? What if he decides he is bored here or something in the ST platform pisses him off? Need I remind, we’ve seen it before. RIP Rules Machine.


Check out his repo. All the files for the online section are there.


Until he pulls down his repo and amends the software licence - that is my point, it has happened before.


Samsung can decide to shut the servers off as well. I’m not seeing your point?

Copy all the files periodically and then host it yourself if you are concerned it will just go away.