Is it OK to seek paid Webcore advice?



Would be it be appropriate to use this forum to find someone whom I can pay for occasional quick Webcore advice?

I want to make sure to not violate the community guidelines. I read them and they do state that one should not “solicit services”. I wonder whether offering to pay for Webcore advice would be such a “solicitation.” I’m not sure.

To give you a sense of what I’m looking for: I have a number motion sensors and door sensors. I am trying to build a piston that fires when two or more different sensors change their state with X seconds (to reduce false alarms). I’d be more than happy to paypal someone, say, $50 in return for a sample piston to accomplish this.

Again, my apologies if offering money is in violation of this community’s guidelines.



There might be some folks here who do this on the side but there are also people who will help you out for free if you just post the objective and with what kind of devices. If it’s something that can be done with simulated devices even better. The response might not be as quick as paid service though :smiley:


Just FYI, I figured out how to do this, in most part thanks to the useful information in this forum. Thank you again.


I’m curious - what did you come up with?

I’ve thought about making something like this for when a single motion event triggers my alarm. Same concept.

int Sensor1
int Sensor2
bool occupied

if Motion Sensor 1 active:
set Sensor1 = 1
set Sensor1 =0

If Motion sensor 2 active:
set Sensor2 = 1
set Sensor2 = 0

if (Sensor1 + sensor2) >= 2:
occupied = true

if (Sensor1 + Sensor2) == 0:
occupied = false

if occupied:
turn lights on
if !occupied:
turn lights off