Is webCoRE a groovy code compiler?


I was wondering if the webCoRE web interface is more like a wizard that makes it easier for non-programmers to be able to write code? Is it an app that takes easy to understand commands and ultimately compiles it into a groovy program, or some other type of language when it gets saved?

A curious mind wants to know




I’m fairly certain that it’s an interpreted code like Java (not actually a compiler). Pistons are even called “scripts” in the documentation. The Evaluation Console, aside from being incredibly useful on a number of occasions, provides some evidence to what might be going on behind the code on the screen. I’m curious too about what is actually stored.
There are four basic elements of webCoRE that link into the Groovy IDE as a SmartApp which interfaces with rather than actually generating Groovy code. (The Groovy code is these four elements.)
It is definitely a wizard that makes it easier for non-programmers (and even us code hacks) to write the specific coding of Home Automation routines.