Issue with "Backup Piston(s)" on HE version?


Webcore throws error below when trying to back up all the pistons I just edited with new devices after migrating to HE from ST. It lets me back them each up in groups of 3-4, but throws the error again if I try to do too many at once. Is there known issue in HE version related to retrieving local versions from hub, or something goofed up on my installation?


Does the same thing ccur if you use ?


Thanks, it works fine there. Only a problem on .

Should I just switch to using, or any reason not to?


I don’t think Ian has synced them

@ipaterson ?


I guess not. That won’t be touched until SmartThings shuts down the platform at the end of the year.


Any reason not to use staging url until then? I’ve already dumped everything ST, except for Actiontiles to keep my license active.

Any trouble expected on HE side with ST shutdown?


You can use staging

I don’t expect issues beyond what ST directly causes. Will be interesting who files the first class action against them once they do. Interesting case to break everything.



Any reason to believe such a class action might go anywhere? I would assume we all clicked through a EULA that gives Samsung the right to do anything.


It will be interesting given they are breaking everything. No idea if success or fail, but if one can sell something, and break everything, ‘because they think the Eula says so’, many would use this to commit fraud.

I sold you a calculator, but with the software update it is now a meat thermometer. I sold you a car, and it no longer operates because of a software update.

It is a general problem with cloud products, most companies just discontinue it. This could be a good test case. that they claim to continue it but really don’t.