Issue with weather conditions forecast for the past few days


I have a piston that changed my lights based on the weather forecast, and it was working great for weeks. The past few days however, the forecast has been showing conditions for the next day as ‘snow’ — which isn’t the case where I live. It’s been 80+ the past few days and will continue to be.

When I edit the piston and the expression, it seems hit or miss that it shows the proper forecast. Here is what I’m using:


Anyone else having issues? Very frustrating since it took me so long to get it all working in the first place. Any help is appreciated.


Yes. Same here. I have a smart speaker which reads me the forecast every day. Has not been working lately.


Good to know it’s not just me, but still a bummer. Also noticed that some temperatures are returning null values now as well. Hopefully it fixes itself soon!


Maybe the beginning of the end?


Yikes! That would not be fun. 99% of my pistons are all weather related for various tasks.


I’ve also had intermittent issues.


Perhaps it’s time for these WebCore Weather Functions to have some internal error checking or a different API provider to insure that they return validated data. I, too, have been negatively impacted with inaccurate results and as a result, it impacts my pistons that are responsible for retracting our outside deck awning, warn of open windows when rain is predicted, excessive wind, alerts, etc…


Yeah it will be a huge letdown if the API goes away. I’d almost pay to have access to weather features as that’s really the bulk of my pistons right now. Disappointing.


I am creating a piston to enable/disable my “dumb” sprinkler controller and was planning to use weather/rain as a part of that. Is WebCoRE weather still having issues?


It’s not webcore weather that is the problem. Webcore pulls info from smartthings. Smartthings is getting info from weather underground.

Now supposedly there is a sunset on the free api from weather underground. However you can subscribe and pay for the info. Instead of using $weather.forecast.etc. You would make a get request to get the same information.

I used to have a free api key that I did this with, for some things that webcore did not have access, or report back. However when I realized smartthings, provided the same info without a need for an api key, I wrote my own device handler to monitor up to 3 different locations weather, not just your hubs location, as smartthings does now.


I haven’t had issues as of late, but still, not sure how long the free API will last.

I have no problems paying for API use for what I need, but I’m not too savvy so I’d need a bit of an explainer on how to go about that.