Weather underground?


Evidently weather underground is pulling their free api. Does this mean smartthings will stop giving that info too? Currently you don’t need an api key to get info from smartthings, however are they going to drop this too?

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Using the weather feature

Geesh… I didn’t realize IBM now owns “weather. com” and “wunderground. com”.

I sincerely hope that everyone with a Personal Weather Station stops transmitting data to them. (or even better, start charging them $850 a month like they are trying to do with us)


I am keeping my PWS up until I write something to replace it. I am running WeeWX on a Pi, so I’ll just have it create json files to pull into my pistons with the data elements I need.

I have run a PWS for years with rapid fire updates (2-3 seconds) with the understanding - if I do this I have access to the API… the deal is changing so my data will go away from Blunderground

This must be part of IBM’s Lets buy something for lots of $ and then burn it to the ground business process


This is old, but still valid…

And features at least one interesting service:


Any updates on this? Are we going to lose all weather API functionality?


With the shutdown less than a month away, is there an alternate weather data option?


I use the AccuWeather plugin for SmartThings. It is actually seen as a device, so you can make triggers from the weather events. For instance, you can code: If AccuWeather’s temp rises above 74 degrees, do X. That is one feature that was not available with WUnderground without requesting the current data first.

It also lets you pick multiple zip codes (each seen as a separate device)

One caveat: From what I have seen, AccuWeather does not update as frequently, nor is the data as accurate as WU. (Probably due to all the Personal Weather Stations on WU)

AccuWeather options seen when creating an IF in webCoRE:


Now that I look at it, I suspect only temperature and humidity can be used as a trigger directly.

Help adjusting some old $weather pistons to TWC

Slightly off topic, but can anyone recommend a dirt cheap weather station that can upload to WeatherUnderground? It looks like that may be a way to get around the $850 a month to use their API.


According to Alex (Co-Founder of ActionTiles):

“WeatherUnderground is terminating service to individual clients (B2C), while continuing to provide it to businesses (B2B).”

“SmartThings is a subscriber to WU service. I know for a fact that they query WU for sunrise/sunset times and I don’t see them changing this implementation (they had many opportunities to optimize and cut 3rd party API costs, but they haven’t done anything about this for years).”

I sincerely hope that there is truth to this… I have a lot of pistons that rely on the weather data…