Issues with AduroSmart ERIA wireless dimmer


I pulled apart thisDevice Handler, and I didnt see anywhere that a double event would be sent.

What I find odd is that Ive re-installed it several times, and I could have sworn at one point all buttons were triggering multiple, and now only button 1 and 4 are. Which is also off, as the @uberrob is seeing buttons 2 and 3 throw multiple. Again, I could have sworn on one install they all were throwing multiple.


Unfortunately no. I’m pretty convinced it’s what @WCmore thinks the issue is: a manufacturing or design defect in the hardware.

I’m tempted to order their hub, to see if it works with lighting, the way they claim. If it does, then it’s possible the error is caught and corrected in the hub. If that’s true, I can probably do the same in code.

On the other hand, it’s just $20 so I can also just throw it out and try another switch from another company.


I think I found something in the device handler that is doube subscribing/broadcasting events. Im working through and updated one. If I get something working, Ill post back here


Hello from AduroSmart Eria,
Thank you for this valuable data we are working on this issue and we apologize for the inconvenience. Someone contacted our support channel and directed us to this thread and another and we are extremely grateful as this input aids our investigation into the issue and a resolution. Once it is found we will share it here.
Sincerely, AduroSmart Support.


Thank you @cgmckeever ! Good luck


Hi @AduroSmartSupport - I’m the OP on this issue. Let me know if you need any further information.

I’d love to get the ERIA dimmer to behave correctly without an Adurosmart hub, so please let us know what you come up with. It’s a beautiful switch, and I’d like to continue using it and add a few more to my home.


@uberrob First pass in the handler. It looks like it is only getting single events.

I can not for anything figure out why battery level does not work


Oh this is excellent. If I just replace my DH with this, you think I’ll see the same results?

I am not sure battery was working with the original DH either.



another thread is saying battery doesnt register – so there is that.
Add this as a new DH, and swap the device over to use it. You may or may not have to remove/re-install. Ive just been removing it to test, but have had success with a DH swap via the IDE


I just want to say, I am impressed by your professionalism here…

We need more businesses that think this way!


@uberrob I just swapped the device handler (full remove / discover) and a switch that was previously reporting multiple events is now only sending a single. Let me know if things look good on your end when you get a chance


Thanks @cgmckeever - I’ll give it a try after work tonight. Thanks for tracking this down


Thank you for this suggestion and thank you @uberrob we are putting together a comprehensive report for our engineering team.


I lied - I tried it now. It doesn’t seem to have registered as changed in the IDE - it still shows as the generic “Zigbee Multi Function” as opposed to your “Zigbee Eria Multi Button - cgm”



To switch handlers, you should be able to go to the:

IDE > My Devices > Bathroom Speaker Control > Edit (at the bottom)

From this last page, you can change the Type, and then Update.

(Note: It may take a bit to update internally)


Yeah - that’s what I did, but “Bathroom Speaker Control” still isn’t swapping to the new Type


You can see the new handler in the list? and you also PUBLISHED it after adding it?


My bad - I had to reset the device, repair it to smartthings, then I could change the device type.

And holy crap…that did it! One button push = 1 event. Thanks @cgmckeever

Can I ask what change you made to the device driver?


Yep - I had to physically reset the switch then re-pair it to ST… I was able to switch the type after that. Odd, but it worked.


@cgmckeever I’m happy to post my piston in the example section, but it’s going to require your device handler. If you give me the ok to include your DH, I’ll go ahead an post the example.