Just discovered webcore, redo everything?


Sadly I’m just now discovering webcore and I have a bunch of IFTTT applets, do I slowly replace/rewrite everything or do I just build from here?


Same here…last year ALMOST the whole house was about to be done (but with 60% satisfaction) someone directed me to webcore… After a bit hasitation, I started from scratch. Now almost around 70-80 pistons and the whole house is on webcore, (maybe just few IFTTTs for wifi strip lights etc) i am 95% happy about my house.

I don’t know how big and/or complicated your system currently is but IF it’s lots of devices, going slowly and replacing one-by-one might cause some confusions??? maybe an IFTTT activity is controlling the lights and you overlook, write the same thing as a piston and now all lights are messed up… (Happened to me LOL)


thanks for the reply. yes, that’s what i was afraid of. dozens of ifttts, a ton of lights, alarms, plugs from alexa to google home on a bunch of phones and tablets (actiontiles), tvs, projectors; cameras and motion everywhere. i just got 2 rf pros so all these led strips and bulbs now need to be integrated. pretty elaborate setup already but a lot more i want to do but couldn’t due to limitations.

so when i made my first piston, i quickly realize i had it twisted. so many years building elaborate triggers and scenes and routines and virtual timers, etc. always trying to duplicate processes across platforms and voice vs. buttons, car vs. motorcycle, etc. it will certainly get confusing and conflicting but i feel i have to do it else it’s only going to get worse over time. maybe i take a weekend or two and redo as much as i can.

i’m ready to dive in and this community appears to be very knowledgable and helpful.


You’ll love it here.
You may or may not get your answers the same day but tons of people writing here just to help.
Your system looks really similar to mine (theatre room to action tiles ipads on the walls, cameras etc, over 300 devices total:)) and if I were you I would give more than two weekends LOL:)) (but i am not a coder so I had to learn/understand a lot from scratch)