Just saying hello


These forums don’t seem to have an official “introduction” thread, so I thought I’d say hello here.

I’m completely new to SmartThings & WebCore. I’m a refugee from Home Assistant. I worked hard for a month on a Raspberry Pi automation system, only to have my interface wiped out when they pushed an update to the system, because it’s technically a beta.

I’m 100% lost here, but I’ll get there. I’ve been a developer/hobbyist for 35 years. I know I can figure it out, but the “mentality” of how all this fits together is a total mystery. But I’ve only had my Hub for 24 hours.

Once I figure all this out, I hope to contribute some development material. It’s very rewarding to me to share my code with others. I’m a developer for the KDE Linux system, although I’ve been slacking off since I got into this automation system.

My first goal is to get an attractive and sensible interface for my collection of smart lights, switches, and plugs. After that, some simple automations. I made a timer to turn on and off my tiny Xmas tree and it fired off like I was supposed to. Hooray me.

That’s all for now. Hello all. Look forward to lots of stupid questions. Immediate goal: work out the difference between WC and adding non-official components to SmartThings, namely my TP-Link switches and outlets.


Uhh … hi :grin:


Hi @Dito,
I am no where close to be a coder:_) my coding years started with Commodore64 and ended somewhere around 95 with delphi :)))) so i have an idea lets say…

I started WC about a year ago and it’s amazing.
Device Handlers are great need we all have. I am happy that you are around.

I don’t know if I can be any help to you but I sure don’t mind trying:)))

How about we start a new topic and people share what device handlers etc they are having a hard time finding?

See you around.