Last Time a list of Switches were turned on


I think this might be very useful in seeing how dates and times are formatted. In this example, I use a list of light switches and I even include a Harmony Activity for my Fire TV. The piston uses Echo Speaks to announce The date and time each light switch in the group was last turned on.


How could this be modified to user a custom name instead of the actual name?

I.E. if “Dimmer 1” is really named “Living Room Left Side” but you want it speak “Living Room”



In my location routine, you will see where I match up the names of switches with the names of echo devices. This uses a “for” statement to step through each “$device”. This technique could be used to match a list of your switches of type “device” to the friendly names you want to use.


Thanks Scott. Would you be willing to make a version of your TCBV2 that uses a friendly name?


How is this?