Laundry reminder with ST Connected Washer / Dryer


First off my samsung washer and dryer are smartthings enabled and have switch values that are on or off. You can create a condition that triggers if the washer switch when it changes from on to off caused by programming ( machine ending is cycle).

So i started with a small piston that detects if my ST enabled washer changes from on to off indicating the load is done. If the dryer is off when this change occurs it pushes messages to my ST app to load the dryer, until i turn the dryer on, ending the reminder loop. This part of the piston works just fine

I tried to get technical and detect if the dryer is on while the washer turns off, then waits to send me reminders once the dryer turns off. Not sure how to do that exactly, and tired of turning my washer and dryer on and off all day to test. Ha!

Look like it will work? Any other ways to make the entire thing better. Pretty new to this.

Switch 1 is my dryer
Switch 4 is a virtual switch than i use to enable or disable my piston, so i can turn off the reminders from ST
Switch 5 is my washer