Leaving SmartThings and Already Missing webCoRE


This is not a complaint thread, just a shout out to webCoRE and it’s greatness.

I’ve been given no choice by SmartThings but to leave. I’m not leaving because it is not stable or anything like that. I’ve had my fair share of problems with ST, but it has been getting more stable. I’m leaving because I have a huge home automation setup, 375+ devices, lost count actually and I have another 60-70 devices sitting in a box in the basement waiting for me. SmartThings works with that many devices, they just don’t let me use them in SmartApps. There is a hard 300 device limit.

I’ve been using Home Assistant for 3 weeks now for just a couple rooms learning how it works and how I can replicate functionality (automations) I had before in Home Assistant. I’m using Node-RED as my automation engine as from what it sounds like that is their equivalent of webCoRE (only in the sense that it is recommended).

Well, it’s no webCoRE. I won’t go into all the differences but there are “basic” things it makes configuring very time consuming. The pro of it is that it is far faster than ST. Almost all of my devices are considered local, including:

  • Zigbee
  • Z-Wave
  • LIFX bulbs
  • Wemo

That makes up about 95% of my devices. I’m not sure of my other things are local or not, I doubt…

  • Ecobee
  • Neato

Anyways, one example of something it makes painful is functionality like “restrictions” in a piston. An automation I can do in webCoRE in a few minutes might take me 10-20 minutes to configure in Node-RED. I realize I have not been using as long as I have been using webCoRE, but I can’t see it getting much better. So far I’ve only focused on what I consider a few simple lighting automations that some newer to ST might consider advanced.


Hopefully that hard limit of 300 devices is expanded in the near future.


I doubt they will do it anytime soon given the lack of speed on the new mobile app. Seems easy enought. Not sure what the real issue is.


I’m about to experience the same problem. (almost 300 devices)
i was hoping that using 2 hubs would help. Was I wrong?


Maybe you can get a HE hub and use that as coordinator hub :slight_smile: Oh wait, you’d still hit the device limit… scratch that :confused:


Two hubs work fine if you don’t care about…

  • Harmony Integration
  • Alexa
  • Google (I don’t know, I don’t have one, probably doesn’t work either)

Thought, today I figured out a new feature of Home Assistant that there was talk about implementing in webCoRE…

I can send a push notificaiton (iOS only) with response options and act on them, like…

“The office is getting hot, do you want to turn on the fan?”


Don’t get me wrong, other than the few things I listed, two hubs worked fine. I almost decided to deal with it. I still recommend ST to people.