Let us spare a thought this weekend for @ady624 who will face hurricane Irma


How do you know the wind speed is zero? Do you have a black and white picture to prove it?


It actually remained attached to the tree trunk.

Diameter is about this big |——————| but in centimeters, not inches. Terminal velocity during the fall was about as much as it wanted, wind and all. The tree is the tree-world equivalent to the dog-world mutt.




Do nothing. Wait for the storm to pass. Then mulch it. mulch it good.


Oh I did less than nothing. No F was given :wink:


Be safe, I have everyone on my prayers in the path of Irma. I have friends and family that live in Jacksonville and Tampa but they got out since they were in evaluation zones.


Still alive, have power, three trees downed - small ones, branches mostly


Trees are my area of expertise. At least in the midwest region. Glad you are still kickin


I’m returning from Milan to the Orlando area and am now in an extended layover in Atlanta. One of my traveling friends is from Pompano Beach - just a little south of Adrian - so we’ve been watching the storm’s path very closely. It looks like the east coast is going to “dodge the bullet” but Tampa Bay will take the brunt. Hoping my house is there and dry when I make it back. :unamused:


Dodge the bullet? Nooooo the vast majority of storms and winds had to move to NE of the eye and span some 200miles across… we had hurricane force winds in Boca Raton, on the other coast…


Glad to hear you’re fine!

Funny fact, wife has been inquiring after you the whole weekend as we watched the news.

Not sure tho if she was worried about you or if she was hoping you get hit by a tree so I can quit webcore. Who knows?! :stuck_out_tongue:


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