Let us spare a thought this weekend for @ady624 who will face hurricane Irma


Our master minion, Adrian, aka @ady624, probably needs our thoughts right now and for the next hours.

As a Floridian, he will face potentially the strongest and most devastating hurricane recorded in the Atlantic for the last 500 years. Sustained winds should be blowing at around 260 km/h when Irma lands and storm surge could reach 12 feet high.

I don’t know how far south of Florida he is, nor if he is in a evacuation zone, but all Florida is gonna be hit to a degree anyway so…

Let’s all hope he, his family and his home will be fine. :sunny:


I’ve created a piston to turn Irma into a snowstorm. However it is failing to execute. I think it has something to do with cancel on piston state change.


Let me fix it real quick before power goe…


for @ady624 and everyone who is in the path of irma, no matter where: you are in our thoughts. :thought_balloon:



May you, and your shed (had to rely on Robin for this one cuz, you know, minions stuff) be safe! :wink:


Grass haha :joy:

Btw… not sure if you US folks have that expression?




In Canadian French we’d say a “rat”.

I guess we can say that Grass rats (that’s actually a thing) are pro snitches :upside_down_face:



Live feed from @ady624 's shed. He’s ready!!


I’m sure it will hold up!


I’m already ready to rebuild, if needed!



Ninja who?


Lol @ minion coloured straps!


each takes 3333 lbs of working load :slight_smile: 5000lbs breaking

oh gosh, thank you guys :smiley:


So far I had a branch fall off a tree, and very little rain - my pool’s low to prevent overflowing, haven’t filled a bit. Just a bit of rain with gusts of wind in between moments of virtually ZERO wind. Eerie, zero wind, quiet, nobody on the street kind of weird moments.


How big was the branch? We need to know its diameter. What kind of tree was it? How far away from the tree did it fall? In other words, can you calculate the wind speed based on how far the branch fell from the tree? Also, is it possible that the branch reached the end of its useful life and it was rejected by its host. Irma may have had nothing to do with it. You must not be biased.


Good bot :rofl:


It’s all in my head bro.


I’m sitting outside in Pennsylvania. Wind speed zero. Watching my garden spots change color. They change color because Ady made them do that.