Light wont turn off


I have two different times light goes on with motion but will not turn off when motion sensor is inactive.
What have I done wrong


Structure the flow where there’s the minimum amount of triggers (the lines with orange lightning bolt). Since your case is driven by motion, keep that at top and then perform evaluation of what you want to do after that. Also in this case, I separated the ‘inactive’ part into just one statement since it does the same thing for both times condition.


Thanks I should have changed the second time. Instead of one minute during the day it was 12 min. I had it at one to test. Can I just at a time in there like you did for the motion


Try this one…


Seems to be working good.
Thanks alot for your help


Between 7:31 am and 11:59 PM
If I wanted the light to stay on despite the motion sensor when I physically turned the switch on. How would I go about that


There is a great thread discussing this.

Just be aware there are two pistons in the first post.

  • One with smart bulbs & a dumb switch… and
  • One with dumb bulbs & a smart switch…