LightwaveRf devices not showing


I can’t seem to get my lightwave devices to show when creating a piston.
They all appear in Smartthings along with all my Hive and Yale devices.
When I try to create a piston I can see all my devices except the Lightwave.

Many Thanks



The lightwave clout-to-cloud integration that is available from the new app does not work with the current webcore that is based on groovy. :frowning:


Thanks for the prompt reply.

Thats a bit of a bummer.

Might have to go back to the old way of integrating the lightwave devices with smartthings.


I went back to the old way of connecting my lightwave devices via the old hub and the old app.
I connect using a (adam clark-git)device handler and using my nas as the server.
Everything working ok with smartthings. Still not showing in webcore.
Shame webcore does not integrate with lightwave as I have lots of lightwave stuff.
Maybe someone will come up with a solution.


Did you go into your instance of webcore in the ST app and go to settings > available devices and select it to be added?


Yes. Everything is showing except the Lightwave devices.