Local image tile (hosted on HE Hub) not loading


Has anyone had success loading a image into a dashboard tile that is locally hosted on the HE Hub?

I have image tiles that currently display things like a weather radar for example…

results in this:

Image hosted externally seem to work well however when trying to pull a local image hosted on my HE hub (via file manger), the image is not displayed
Simple test piston

results in this

  • The image is viewable in a browser my entering that same address as shown.
  • Tried with and without http://

    Any thoughts?

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    I have not really messed with image files in wc before. Only thing I see that stands out to me is the filename, can wc load external svg file in a tile?


    I haven’t specifically tried an external svg but I did try to load an internal jpg and png file with the same result.


    I actually just tried to pull a jpeg image from a local rPi (with simple apache web server running) and get the same result.

    Again the file is viewable via web browser on a separate local PC. Tried with and without http://

    Does it not recognize that it is local? Anyway to test that?


    I tried it also and failed. @E_Sch would probably have the skills/tools to check it out.

    Edit: I’m not up to date on my wc code. There was some discussion on local stuff that was addressed and if I remember correctly, it was a local http call.


    I repaired my wc code to latest, same result.


    Have you tried a different browser?

    I don’t see webcore re-writing addresses in the groovy code. This is is a browser, or dashboard issue (or browser security).


    Yes, Chrome and Edge on two separate PCs. Even logged out and re-registered the browsers.


    Perhaps @ipaterson can have a look or say more how to debug.


    Aha! Allow insecure content from dashboard.webcore.co :slight_smile:



    Something so simple…thanks @eibyer @E_Sch

    Side note, it seems to only work when viewing for a locally networked device.
    And does appear to work with jpeg, svg, and png files if anyone is curious.