Location Mode and SHM not changing correctly?


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Location mode and SHM not changing properly (either using the Routines on mobile app or Webcore pistons)

Does anyone know why I’m not able to change the Location Mode or SHM properly? I’ve used the actions “set Location Mode” and “set SHM security mode” in several of my Webcore Pistons and it just does not work properly anymore.

For example, a simple arrival piston (using my phone as a presence sensor) will result in SHM going from Armed/Away => Disarmed, but does NOT change my Location Mode from Away=>Home as anticipated.

Also, at night, another webcore piston to automatically set SHM from Disarmed=>Armed/Stay, instead changes from Disarmed=>Armed/AWAY, and instead of changing Location Mode from Home=>Night, it changes it from Home=>Away!?

I’ve also tried to change these modes and SHM using the Routines on the native mobile smartthings app, and it still fails to change correctly. It always changes from Disarmed=>Armed/Away (never Armed/Home). Basically, the pistons are firing as triggered, but part of the resulting SHM and location mode changes are not correct (even though there is a change). Any help is much appreciated!


Please post a green snapshot of your piston as well as the full logs of it failing to set your location.


Mine is working fine through both routines and piston.


I am having the same problem. The SHM shows “away” even if the presence is there. Help is appreciated.


Does line 35 above say ANY or ALL {Presence} presence is present??

Also note that with your current wording, line 45 will override line 44 every time that block executes.


Thank you. The line 35 was {location}. I changed to {presence} but it gives the same error. it sets SHM to “home-away” when it should set it “home-day” . when I test it manually again, it sets the SHM to"home-day". I don’t know what is wrong. Also, The line 45 is do and 44 is {presence}.


The line #'s when editing never match with the snapshots.
I can only see your image, so all line numbers refer to that.

You also never answered my question about line 35.
(only visible when editing that line)


Sorry about causing confusion. I was checking line numbers in edit mode. line # 35 checks the presence and it is set for any of the selected devices.


are you using the SmartThings app or the SmartThings Classic app?


No problem at all. All of us did that at one point. :sunglasses:

In reference to your piston, I see a few issues.

(1) I believe the beginning of line 44 should be timeOfDayAway instead of timeOfDayHome.

(2) Line 45 will overwrite line 44 each time that block executes, so deleting line 45 makes sense to me

(3) Line 33 triggers when anyone come homes OR leaves. This means that I would get rid of the ELSE entirely, and relocate those commands. (lines 40-47)

There may be more, but with your timeOfDay variables hard coded up top, I cannot tell for sure


I have both installed and connected to one account.


Yes but SHM in both apps are completely separate from each other. So changes made to SHM in one app is not reflected in the other. Also, webcore can not control SHM in the new SmartThings app.


I noticed that. what will be the solution? delete SHM in new app?


Thank you.I did those changes. I will need to confirm the behavior. will post back tomorrow.


For most part, it runs correctly but it It randomly sets the away mode once in a while.


If you are asking for more help, please post a current piston and the logs from one of the strange behavior times.