Looking for a Hubitat guru :-)



I am keen on buying the Australian version of the Elevation hub.

From what I have read, Hubitat is the best system on the market, but to get the most out of it, it is advisable to have IT skills beyond what I have.

I am looking for a guru who I can hire to assist me to design and setup my new smart home. I have found a few smart home DIY consultants who offer skype services, but none of them seem to specialise in Hubitat.

Any recommendations? Cheers!


You truly don’t need IT skills to run Hubitat, or Smartthings for that matter… just pick devices that are already on the supported list (see the Hubitat forums) then it’s pretty much plug and play.

You need to learn the basics anyway… just jump in and you’ll soon figure it out + the various communities are awesome and will help answer all of your questions.


Hi there,
How is the hubitat journey going?