Looking for a replacement dry contact sensor


Hi all - For several years I have used a Linear FS20Z-1 with webCore to turn my dehumdifier on and off. Basically my piston acts like a humidstat. When my piston sees the humidity it too high, it turns on the FS20Z-1. Two wires from the FS20Z-1 are connected to a terminal on the dehumidifier. When the dehumidfier see voltage there, it runs, and when the voltage drops off, it turns off. At least, that’s how I think it runs. :slight_smile:

I believe in this application what I need is a latching relay, if I’m using that term correctly. In that I want the dehumidifer to see the voltage all the time, until I tell the Zwave switch to turn off. Do I have this right?

I was hoping to get some recommendations for a replacement, since it seems the FS20Z-1 may not be used much and is harder to get. It looks like the MIMOLite may do the trick? Are there any others to consider?

Here’s the doc to the MIMOLite: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/57363221555986b60e62f0f0/t/5919d943e6f2e16ac861dbc7/1494866250623/User+Manual+MIMOlite+8May2017+removed+MI+address.pdf

So it looks like I would leave the jumper on so that it works as a latch. However I’m unsure of how to do the wiring from the MIMOLite to the dehumidifier. All the MIMOLite instructions say is “Connect monitored signal to SIG1 (P1, labeled – and +) and relay contacts NO/NC/COM on P4.” In my case would I use SIG1 or NO/NC/COM and how?

Thank you for any help you can provide. :blush: