Missed event trigger (and other off-topic ramblings)


I am impressed! Mentally, I know that I need to keep better track of my programming. But you have taken it to another level. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I do it because my memory sucks! I write down everything (I’m anal!).


@lflorack gave some fantastic examples above!

Essentially, I try to always document data that is hard to find later:

  • Which trigger (device & attribute) for which piston(s)
  • @globals (which piston(s) writes to, and which reads from)
  • Scheduled events (so I avoid overlapping)
  • Daisy chained pistons

I don’t often document conditions, but I will take note of triggers.
(or conditions that are acting as triggers)

I also keep track of which devices are Zigbee and which are Zwave…
(and which are battery powered, or AC powered acting as repeaters)

For this last tip, I use a rough blueprint of the house to mark the locations.
This makes it easy to get a solid Mesh Network with good coverage.

Where Used Cross Reference

@lflorack, @WCmore. You guys make me look like an amature! :smile: Instead, I am just skipping along to the hum of my pistons, confident that everything is running (almost) perfectly.


I am reminded of this 1 minute clip from the Matrix movie…


A little off topic, but this brings up a question. Is there a way to see the overall operation of our pistons. Something similar to the statistics for a single piston, but for the entire account?


If there is, I’m not aware of it. Would be nice.


This sounds good, but if a combined log existed, I bet most households could easily log tens of thousands of lines in a single hour… (With Logging Level set to Full)

Talk about a nightmare to wade through…


Thanks for posting ideas for documentation. It gives me ideas at what I may want to do for everything, whether in webCore or ST.


@Oldcomputerwiz, sorry for hijacking your topic. :sunglasses:


I changed the topic to (and other off-topic ramblings) and moved it from bugs long ago. I pushed this off topic long before you did. :smiley:. I personally don’t mind threads that ramble off topic as long as it’s labeled.