Missing Devices in a Piston


This question was addressed BRIEFLY in 2017 with no solution. Request: Show missing devices in webCoRE

Occasionally, a device being used in WebCORE will show up as a random string of letters and numbers instead of its correct name. (presumably, something about that device changed making it unrecognizable to the piston). When you have a lot of pistons, it is difficult to go through them all to verify them.

Is there a way to automatically “find” those devices so they can be re-added to the Piston? Ideally, a message about this “missing device” would be preferable.


Usually you see that when webCoRE is no longer authorised to access the particular device, either because the device was deliberately or inadvertently removed in the SmartApp, or because it was deleted. I do remember that I used to see it occasionally for no obvious reason.

I can’t think of a way to detect when this has happened, though I can’t recall ever looking either.


I’ve gone through and corrected 7 instances of this. I got them all. I probably should have left one to post here to see if the logs would provide some clue. Most of them were seasonal, but not all. By that I mean they only “did something” below freezing (winter) for example. The devices were never not connected to the hub or webCORE, they just didn’t meet the criteria to be triggered. I doubt that has anything to do with it though. What got me looking was an iPhone that is used for presence stopped working. It was listed as a random string of letters and numbers. After going into the Piston and editing it, (selecting it again), it works fine, just like all the other 6 devices. …Weird!