Missing devices show as duplicate in Capability only


Not sure what happened or what’s going on!

I have devices missing from “Which actuators” in the Webcore app.
When I look under capability, they missing ones how up but are duplicate.

I haven’t previously had this problem - no duplicate devices and everything showed up under the actuators/sensors categories.

I deleted Webcore, started from scratch and it hasn’t made a difference.

Any ideas?



Actuator and Sensor are long since deprecated tagging capabilities that were, and are, extensively used in legacy Groovy Device Type Handlers. Indeed it is relatively rare to find one that doesn’t use them. They are not used in current integrations so as Edge drivers are introduced and cloud integrations move away from DTHs they are vanishing from devices.

So increasingly you will need to look in the capability groups in webCoRE to find your devices rather than picking from the Actuator and Sensor capabilities.

Duplicates are perfectly normal. Each selection list is for a separate category that webcoRE knows about and devices can have multiple capabilities. Be aware that the categories known to webCoRE represent SmartThings as it was a few years ago.


Thanks so much for the answer. That makes sense.