Mobile app for webCoRE


Little update:

Presence is a bit more complicated since I set the bar high: multi-location - so we’re not dealing with two circles, we’re dealing with many. I am thinking so far at a way to setup “places” independent of devices (phones). That’s because most locations are common to several people in the house. So you’d create home with location and radius (I’ll default that to 100ft) and I’ll also add another circle automatically that’s 500ft on top of that. Then one of the locations is “HOME” - the one where the hub is - not sure if I can pick up the hub’s location, but I think it’s better if you set it up in the same place as the others. But one place is the main one and will determine the value of “presence”. Presence is set to ‘present’ when you enter the small circle and set to ‘not present’ when you exit the larger circle. Then, the DTH will provide:

  • presence = present/not present (main place only)
  • arrivingAt = placeName/empty (set to the name of the place that the user is approaching - when the user enters the larger circle, until he enters the smaller circle)
  • leavingFrom = placeName/empty (set to the name of the place that the user is departing - when the user exits the smaller circle until the user exits the larger circle)
  • distance = calculated distance from HOME (main place)
  • presentAt = name of the place the user is at - this is set to a place name when the user enters the smaller circle and set to empty when the user exits the larger circle
  • closestPlace = name of the place closest to the current user location
  • altitude = current latitude of the user - this will be an option - you can enable it or not
  • longitude = current longitude of the user - this will be an option - you can enable it or not
  • altitude = current altitude of the user - this will be an option - you can enable it or not
  • floor = current floor of the user, IF KNOWN - this will be an option - you can enable it or not

also thinking of either some departing / approaching attributes that use a custom set radius (say 3 miles), or a way to use distanceTo and somehow provide which place. Still figuring things out.

Note that some features may not work with some devices - iOS allows subscriptions to “significant location changes” which means that the app can track the user and the Presence sensor can therefore provide an approximate location of the user. The location is “approximate” because iOS only reports location once in a while as to conserve battery power. This works even if the app is terminated, which is awesome. Also, owing to privacy, this feature will be optional (user needs to enable it on a device basis) and I do not know if that option exists for Android - I’ll find out when I get there.

I am currently figuring out ways to do user registration / login. Once that’s done, a user can then set up to 10 places - each place has a set of coordinates and a radius (will default to 100ft/30m). Places are common to all locations and instances in the account. Then, when the user opens the dashboard in the mobile app, he can register that device as a presence sensor - then the user chooses a name associated to that device for each of the locations he has (and if a location has multiple instances, he’ll need to choose which instance to use) - at that point, he’s set. Presence sensors will be created for each hub(location) and the instance that owns the devices should be able to automatically select them (no need to visit the Available devices).

That’s the plan, at least.


Jeezzzzz… You’ve set the bar high there… sounds awesome!!!


Food for inspirational workflow… @ady624


this going to be so cool, its almost like magic! :slight_smile:

looks like individual users would need to handle part of the setup by going to the dashboard? if yes, maybe have an option so instance admins could handle the setup without individual user action? the admin could change the DTH for phones on the account to the webcore DTH and everything works from there the same? the DTH could even have configurable options if those are needed, configured either thru the IDE or on the phone.

thank you.


@ady624 this sounds awesome I can’t wait to see it!!!


Drooling a bit as I read this thread. I would love to see the app bundled with a handful of push notification sounds that could be selected in webCoRE. That would greatly reduce the lengths to which I go to get different sounds for notifications of different urgency. At least on iOS you can just name the sound file in the push payload.

Looks like there’s an alternative for that in paid app Pushover which I may try.

If sounds are too easy for you then also look into notification acknowledgment to allow a piston to know when you have interacted with the notification and which [configurable] button was tapped.


Noob question here. Does that mean we will be able to see the tiles generated from one piston on a dedicated dynamic page?

I mean, the equivalent of$pistonID: but showing only the tiles rather than piston edition page.


Not currently looking into push notifications, but yeah, definitely something to add later. For now, it’s going to be a web wrapper with an underlying location monitoring system that reports directly to ST (no middle man on presence/device current location)


visors will allow for either device tiles, routine tiles, piston tiles, shm, clock, etc. Kind of what SmartTiles and ActionTiles do, but tightly integrated into webCoRE.

A very very pre-alpha look at the visor editor


Oh, I get what you mean now. It’s incredibly promising.

Are we going to be allowed to create more than one visor per instance (like, let’s say, one visor for every users allowed to the instance)?


Warmed up my iphone, so I can test with dual phones using the same account. Android as primary.
Me, my self and I would love to have the option to make one of them master of location, and by pushing a button on the second phone transfer the master role to that phone.

You think different @ady624 ?


Can those distances be variable? Because at 500’ from the house, I’m going to be doing a lot of leaving and arriving when mowing.

I’d need at least… call it 500 YARDS in any direction from the hub to dictate “leaving” the geofence.


Inside and outside ranges are dynamically set via the UI:

Hoping to get the iOS app working in a couple days, then I can have people test


That’s super exciting, thanks again!


if presence enters zone x
With location
send notification 'warning, you are too close to Walmart!! Crazy people ahead!


You need a notification for that? That’s a given fact, public knowledge, detour…


All jokes apart, I’ll set Costco as a zone and use entering area as a trigger to email or sms the list of things to buy based on my pantry inventory piston. :face_with_monocle:

I might as well put circles around local liquor store and notify my wife and/or robocall MasterCard to freeze my card. Can’t decide yet :clown_face:


Talking about Costco… anyone willing to buy some ‘Campbell’s New England Clam Chowder’ and post to the UK?

Will pay all costs!! Can’t get it in the UK


I wish I could but this product is not available in my area. Sorry!


I can check on Monday, got people at work with costco memberships. I have bj’s