Modifying device handlers and webCORE


Sorry if this is a noob question however just wanted to get clarification.

If I modify a device handler, for example add a custom command taking in string parameters, how do I get it to refresh in webCORE so you can see it?

I’ve got it to work but it took some time for webCORE to see the new custom commands I added to the device handler. I have no idea how I got it to work but it’s painful if I wanted to modify code in the device handler and webCORE is using the older version of the device handler.

My guesses is I need to either add a new device into webCORE with the new device handler and webCORE updates it? No idea :frowning:



I believe when you hard refresh your browser, WebCore re-reads all the subscribed devices for attributes & custom commands and these will be available after the hard refresh.


You are correct. Also found using incognito chrome works as well. Thanks for the help.