Moodo .. May have to try this?


Hmm has an api too, just what my home may need. Anyone tried this?


Hmm, too expensive for my nose :slight_smile:


Hahs, I know it looks expensive, and it is to a degree. However have you considered what people pay for scentsy? 40.00 for a diffuser or more, then like 20.00 for wax. The wax is only one scent. Then you have the cleanup mess and if it spills. Not saying I’m jumping on this bandwagon yet. Just a thought.

Now if you could incorporate the api into movies your watchinh]g… that might put it over the top. Have it change scents based on scenes in the movie. Ie. Smellivision. Lol


Now you’re talking. I have a dedicated diy entertainment room… that would be interesting when binge watching Vikings :slight_smile:


You could spend double the machine price buying scent capsules… reminds me of a Nespresso machine!!


That’s the business model of a lot of companies. The profit is in the accessories. Ie you spend way more in the games for an Xbox or PlayStation than you do in the machine itself.


Winds me up… that’s why I only buy inkjet printers with refillable bottles over cartridges.

Can’t stand artificial fragrances either, like standing next to a tart on the bus lol